Welcome, readers of all persuasions.  Reader's Well blog has been active since February 2010 and is ever-changing and improving well into 2011 (yay!).  Here's the rundown:

I currently review both OLD and NEW books, since the old are just as fantastic (and just as awful in some cases) as the newly-published.  I tend to shop USED bookstores and others for bargains and peruse my local libraries, counting myself lucky to have access to a great inter-library exchange system.

Genres I tend to review:
  • historical fiction
  • modern fiction/women's fiction
  • fantasy
  • YA
  • pop-science nonfiction
  • supernatural/spiritual

Check out the Archive for old posts, and stay tuned for new features and updates every week or so for the time being. Sorry for going MIA for a while there; life has gotten in the way but should soon become more forgiving. Thanks to everyone who contributes and comments, I know how hard it is to stay active on any blog, as it is a constant challenge for me!  Don't hesitate to click the Contact button and let me hear your thoughts.