Monday, April 18, 2011

Legend of the Jade Dragon (Chintz 'n China, Book 2)

Legend of the Jade DragonHere it is, the second book: Legend of the Jade Dragon: A Chintz 'n China Mystery (Book 2 in the series).  The first book left a lot to live up to, but I was pleasantly surprised.  At first, starting Dragon I thought well this is weird, there's no real villain unless you count plain ol' bad luck. But I thought that made it kind of unusual which is always nice. Emerald O'Brien has been stuck with her very own cursed mini jade dragon, a 500-year-old artifact from the Ming Dynasty, left on her table by a disheveled stranger who was in her shop for a tarot-reading. Only seconds after leaving, poor Daniel is hit and killed by a van hurtling around the corner -- the jade dragon is now Emerald's. As Em and friends investigate the artifact, they uncover secret after secret and endure crisis after crisis along the way. What is it about this exquisite piece of jade that's threatening Em's life and the lives of her loved ones? Can she stop it before it causes real damage and takes away all that she's worked hard for in her little hometown of Chiqetaw, Washington? Hmm... you'll have to read to find out!

Okay so I take it back. The books don't get worse as I read (yet! Yes, I am a pessimist about this). The character development went a little deeper, we get to know Em's friends and even wonder about them, as some questions are left as yet unanswered (tease!). Plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing, new characters enter the scene and shake things up for Em and the gang. And some magic is sprinkled throughout of course, along with humorous bits that'll make you giggle and other folks on the train look at you all weird. So I'm real glad I bought the whole series of Chintz - I just had a feeling about this one, I guess! And now that I check out the website, I want to get the Otherworld series too... oooh, sexy fairies!

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